1. Happy New Now
  2. Secular thoughts in a hospital car park
  3. A Funny Article
  4. The Important Thing
  5. Reflections on kettles and confusion.

I woke up at 4:00 AM this morning and tried to not think if I needed to pee. It was still dark but the sky looked back-lit and as I considered how strange that was the issue about peeing or not was resolved and I had to get up, stepping over Phoebe the Golden Retriever and Bo the Beagle, who were not concerned with time and bathroom needs.

I congratulated myself on being able to see well enough in that strange un-dark and that’s when I looked at my watch and saw it was 4:00 AM. I had avoided it up to then as part of some kind of strategy not to cause added anxiety about not sleeping.

In the bathroom it struck me that this was a good time to go for a run on the cycle lane that stretches along the beachfront. It would be cycle-free, and I wouldn’t risk getting maimed or spat on or sworn at. It’s that kind of cycle lane. And anyway, the alternative was to go to bed again and read Twitter feeds about people who had been maimed or spat on or sworn at.

As I hit the street, I started to think about the investment plan I had discussed the day before. It was a good deal. I would have ultra-low risk and a solid non-life-changing return. I’ve lost a lot of money this year and I’d like to stop that from going on.

After three kilometers I realized I was going to do my best run of the year. In practice, this means the best of the last two months. I felt great and just got faster with every kilometer. I had wanted to run eight kilometers but stopped after seven. It was 5-ish and the cycle lane was filling up with cyclists, none of them in the mood to accommodate me. It was better to run again another day than to push on for some arbitrary target and get maimed or spat on or sworn at.

I saved myself and realized that, yes, I would sign the document for the investment. It includes life insurance and reinforces that I am worth so much more dead than alive.

I felt out of this world and then took Bo to the beach, where we examined dead fish. 


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