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Sink as far down as you can be pulled up
Happiness really ain’t all about luck
Let your demeanor be your deep down self
And don’t sacrifice your life for your health
When you speak, speak sincere
And believe me friend, everyone will hear

Fontaines D.C. – A Hero’s Death

Happy New Now

Tradition dictates that we wish each other a happy New Year. It’s hard to argue with that, and I don’t. But I am thinking about it, about what it means to wish somebody an entire year of happiness – which is probably not the same sentiment, to be honest. But I’ve been thinking about ‘Happy … Continue reading Happy New Now

A Funny Article

I remember my mother always did her best – and she was very successful in this endeavor – to speak euphemistically, to avoid being accused of vulgarity (I believe). She was born on March 23, 1932, and her generation was like that, at least the aspirational classes were. It’s likely that my preference for the … Continue reading A Funny Article

The Important Thing

The important thing is not to worry about important things. Plural because I am sure there are many important things out there and they change from person to person, sometimes minute by minute. The important thing is to remember that whatever it is that is important now is temporary. It is fleeting. Important things can … Continue reading The Important Thing


I used to be an English language teacher. This began back in 1993, I think, when I came to Brazil. It was not like a career plan, in keeping with every single thing have ever done to make a living. I had no options at the time. I always liked the comfort of no options. … Continue reading Fast

Figure it out

I set off without much of a plan other than the newly-embraced idea that simple is good, and there is a lot to be said for repetition and routine if the routine you are repeating is good for you. An idea was imposed on me as a child, I think, that we change as we … Continue reading Figure it out


I look out of the window to check the weather, the light, the overall state of play in the world outside my apartment. It’s time to run and I want to do it. I have to do it. Why? Now there’s a good question. So many reasons, all of which most adults are aware of … Continue reading Pointed

We are aliens

We are all aliens, at home. We awake and rub our eyes, brains warming up as we focus for another day on yet more things that sit beyond us, almost within reach but not quite close enough for us to grasp with two hands. We are aliens in our own world, no different now, really, … Continue reading We are aliens

Emotional few months

It’s been an emotional few months. Well, an emotional life, really. What are we if not a mixing bowl of emotions? See? I told you. I’m still emotional and am likely to remain so. What is the alternative to emotional? Control? And what is that if not simply the pretence of something clearly not real? … Continue reading Emotional few months


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