Nothing Like the Truth

My reading Nothing Like the Truth

There is nothing like the truth. The truth will set you free.

There is nothing like the truth. The truth will cause misery.

Growing up, the truth was sold to me as the basis of a decent, civilised, and successful life. Among societal leaders and winners were the local doctor, lawyer, judge, and post office owner. Bank managers, too.

The dishonest were obviously the poorer members of society who lived in social housing, sponging off the honest.

My mother placed a lot of importance on telling the truth, which I instinctively understood very young to mean I had to give her power. There is nothing like the truth to terrify a child. The idea, I imagine, was to monitor me, to protect me. What it did in reality was to teach me that the truth was to be hidden.

Put like that, in the context of my relationship with my mother, this no doubt sounds suspicious – as if I have something to hide.

Well, the truth is, I have plenty to hide, and then some. We all do. It took me 53 years to really understand that, rather than just say it because it sounds interesting.

Here we are in late 2020, and the issue of what is true and not has never been of greater interest, if not of consequence. All our political leaders lie – some more obviously than others. Perhaps this comes at a time when more of the led, as opposed to the leaders, are at least trying to tell the truth.

It’s wise remember right now and forever, there is nothing like the truth.


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