Click here for audio: You can’t have it all

You can’t have it all, but you can have this.


You can have a kiss from your five-ear old and a hug followed by, “Feliz dia dos Pais,” a day late but all the more special for that. He said it on the day, too, but seemed to have been considering it since then.


You can have a day without pain and honour those who really suffer by not moaning because a client acted like an asshole, again.


You can have a life that is privileged because you live by the sea, and who doesn’t want that?


You can have water to drink that isn’t toxic.


You can have options.


You can eat well and regularly.


You can sleep in a bed with covers and pillows.


You can listen to music in quality that Emperors and Kings not so long ago did not have access to.


You can phone a friend anywhere for free or for peanuts (and you don’t).  


You can walk around the world and talk to people, but you often forget that simple truth.


You can walk the dogs and gawp at the sky, wondering why any of this exists.


You can read and write and talk shit and not be judged by anyone, because you are their equal.


You can see life as a cosmic jest, and stop taking it so seriously.


You can remember that you are here because some kind of magic happened.


You can stop and calm down and embrace the fact that the mystery that brought you here will just as surely take you away. It didn’t hurt when you came here, and it won’t hurt when you leave.


You can’t have it all, but what kind of lunatic would want it all, anyway?


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